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New York realism congratulates


A canvas to discover!

Having first used his creative abilities in gastronomy, exhibition pieces, significant works...

Pascal then discovered this passion for oil painting which gradually changes and dazzles on a canvas.

The artist is an art lover in search of perpetual creation of wonderful things, it is an Emotional OilPaintLover, he paints with emotion with a knife and linseed oil.

Painting with a knife by Pascal Jung

Why did you decide to paint with a knife?

After a family shock, my passion for painting has multiplied.

At the beginning of my various artistic experiences, I was inspired by the artist Bob Ross and in continuity especially by the brilliant mentor Igor Sakharov.


Painting with a knife allows me a greater impregnation, especially being inspired by David Gilmour's musical background and also an intense immersion in the depths of painting and its codes thanks to the inexhaustible source provided by the band Pink Floyd.

What is the difference between acrylic and linseed oil knife painting?

Acrylic requires less effort, it's an easier artistic expression with limits that didn't suit me. Oil painting is much more difficult to apprehend, here are the advantages:

- smooth gradations, oil is for me a good solution to achieve fades and gradations, thanks to the drying which is much slower than acrylic. Moreover, it is possible to use different drying oils.

- colours can be mixed directly on the canvas and do not dry on the palette.

- no need to count the time, oil paints take much longer to dry than acrylic paints, so I can start a painting today and finish it tomorrow.

How did you manage to master this technique?

By dint of hard work! There are no secrets, I spent hours and hours to discover and perfect this technique. It was an "artistic relentlessness" composed of artistic trials, new paintings, again and again until I reached a correct result and let my soul truly express itself.


I still have an advantage, I have received a special gift in this field. Indeed, I did not follow any course, any method, any book, I received this ability to paint and with time, I managed to master this technique.

What are the steps involved in creating a canvas?

- Baptize the canvas with oil

- Projection of colour jets

- Great inspiration

- I turn on the music

- Look for effects

- Construction of forms

- Create and finalize contrasts

We are expanding our range, we also offer you the possibility, on order only, to purchase the paintings in Forex version in 60x90 or a Major Art reproduction in 70x50 via the gallery .


Feel free to contact me for more information.