Pascal Jung Painting Artist

A painter in born

"It’s a crazy thing that is happening to me!! I rediscover my passion for painting every single day".

When I start painting it takes me a whole part of the night.
Today, in my "laundry room of my wife" workshop, I have about 300 paintings that I created and that in not even a year".​

Pascal Jung, 52, living in Furdenheim, nearby Strasbourg, for 2 years now, felt crazy with painting about a year ago. A temporary madness or not but which reminds me of the Strasbourg epidemic that took place in the Middle Ages when a woman named "Frau Troffea" began to dance with fervor during a very long period.
In any case, it is a fact that Pascal still paints today and that he lives his passion fully and that he has absolutely no desire to stop. His paintings are loaded with all the emotions that are animating him.

Pascal has already exhibited his work in many places, not only in the local region, but also in more prestigious places such as the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

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I’m a former student of the Illkirch Graffenstaden hotel school in Strasbourg (Alexandre Dumas), with renowned teachers who detected a certain creativity in me. At that time I was a student in a high school in Marseille where I did my BTH in order to integrate a 1st year Art class with 12 other students.

I fulfilled my studies as a pastry/chocolate maker/confectioner/glacier, and I went to do my military service. After that, I started working at the Hilton Hotel in Strasbourg. After a few years in the hotel industry, I decided to leave this environment to take the road and wear the international driver’s costume. Certainly, the call of the offshore (an inspiration for my paintings), I discover new countries, new cultures. To this day, and this for 4 years, I practice this job at night. A lot of imperatives, a different fatigue, loading trucks late at night, with a departure knowing that I will not be able to rest until the next day.

A normal daily life until the day I must face a terrible lost. To grieve the lost of a loved one, of three loved ones precisely. A moment of extreme loneliness…. I find myself faced with pain I could not control. So instead of letting myself go to sadness, even depression, I begin painting.

I go ahead and begin with acrylic technique, but something borders me. Sometime later I discovered oil painting ("it is much more difficult, but it is much more beautiful than water painting"). I make some beginners mistakes that I correct as I go along.
When I paint, I feel great moments of fullness. Today I remember dazzling emotions, emotions that subjugate me and that remain constant, even upsetting. When I paint, I am often accompanied by music, especially Pink Floyd with the great performances of guitarist David Gilmour, whom I greatly appreciate.

Since then, this music has not left me and today I have produced more than 300 paintings.
I find myself facing a very nice success, my take-off started on Instagram. Indeed, my work is very much visited on Facebook and Instagram. Quickly I receive messages from some gallery owners who have discovered my work and who invite me to participate at the exhibition of the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris (see photos). (Galerie Bdmc in Paris)".

Since then, Pascal has been solicited from all over the world thanks to these different social media. A young gallery owner from China will take and present 3 of his paintings in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
To this date, Pascal is thinking of renewing his passport because he may well be called to a foreign country to present his work and his performances, and why not sell one of his paintings.
Pascal is also a person who listens, looks and imbues himself with each other’s knowledge. He thus discovered Robert “Bob Ross” Norman Ros, painter who died in 1995 at 52 years old, the age of Pascal today. Bob Ross participated in American shows, teaching techniques to make oil paintings of landscapes in half an hour. A performance that Pascal takes up again today when he exhibits in various galleries and makes demonstrations in large malls.

When Pascal’s forceful desire to paint began, his wife and children were very worried, thinking that he might have been suffering from temporary insanity. He then consults and realises that he is simply in emotion with a rage and a thirst to create. He finds himself completely upset by this news. This allows him to continue in this direction, accompanied by his family who no longer asks him questions but who is looking for a solution to find a workshop.

A painter is born, Pascal is a painter who has an overflowing need of sharing, generosity and benevolence. He hopes that his work can be acquired regardless of the financial means of people sensitive to his works.

He is a man who overflows with emotion, a sincere and pure man who first paints with his heart.

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